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We are in constant evolution and when the subject is culture, we can say that the best way to experience it is in practice. This translates into how we do business, how we generate results, and how we relate to one another.

Every day, we have the chance to make a difference through attitudes that inspire everyone around us, generating value for our customers, society and, most of all, for ourselves.

Together, we share ideas, create innovations, and think of digital solutions, and we are protagonists in a journey that drives us to pursue sustainable results.

An employee badge does not define us. A job position does not define us.

It is our attitudes that make a difference and tell the world who we are.

Would you like to work with us?

Do you identify with our culture? You can be part of our team!


Our journey of transformation is also perceived in the way we work. Today we have a much more flexible dress code, in addition to modern and collaborative spaces, designed to offer greater synergy between the areas. Remote work is already a reality here. Everything was designed to stimulate a streamlined and simple way of acting.

We are always creating initiatives focused on the well-being of our employees. An example of this is our agreement with Gympass, which gives us access to thousands of gyms at affordable prices. Additionally, we have an unprecedented partnership in Brazil with Hospital Sírio Libanês, where we have a complete outpatient clinic at our headquarters to assist employees and their families.

At BV bank, we encourage self-development. With outside training in mind, we have the Educational Sponsorship program, which offers financial support in university extension courses, graduate programs, MBAs, etc.

However, when it comes to what we do in-house, the list is long. Starting with our virtual training platform, called Eduka, which concentrates courses, training, videos, and articles. Many of our actions are focused on fostering innovation and a digital mindset, taking into account the scenario around us.

Knowing that our leaders need to keep constantly up-to-date in order to manage their teams, we offer specific programs for leadership development.

This is increasingly present in our daily lives: in the way we diversify our businesses, in the strategic partnerships with startups and fintechs, and in the creation of our own innovation laboratory. Today we have a team of technology-passionate, transformation-driven specialists, here to make sure that outside-the-box solutions finally get off the drawing board.

Moreover, we constantly bring this theme to our employees through lectures, workshops and even happy hours. In partnership with Banco do Brasil, we have the Inovajunto program, which selects an idea for an innovative project to be developed for three months in Silicon Valley.

We know the urgency and importance of this issue. That is why we have already started the change around here. We believe that diversity completes us, challenges us and strengthens us, and that the more difference in thinking, the more unity in acting.

That is why we are bringing diversity as a theme of everyone and for everyone. Starting from diversity, we are more productive and innovative in our business, and much more relevant to our customers and society.