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Notice to the market

Here you can download all IR documents.


Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet
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Investors’ Kit

Investor Kit
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Press Releases

BV announces the acquisition of Just, the first 100% online loan platform
Banco Votorantim celebrates new phase, renews its positioning and changes its name to “Banco BV”
Banco Votorantim announces investment in the strategic partnership with Neon (11/18/2019)
Banco Votorantim announces new Chief Executive Officer
82 Kb
Banco Votorantim announces strategic partnership with Neon Pagamentos (05/07/2018)
157 Kb
Banco Votorantim - Change of the CEO (11/10/2016)
176 Kb
Banco Votorantim announces R$ 2.0 billion capital increase (06/26/2012)
73 Kb
Banco Votorantim is upgraded to investment grade by Standard & Poor's (12/06/2011)
111 Kb
Circular 3,563 positively impacts Banco Votorantim’s Basel Index (11/24/2011)
121 Kb
Circular 3,563 positively impacts Banco Votorantim’s Basel Index (11/24/2011)
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Relevant Facts

Material Fact - Request for registration as a publicly held company and request for registration of public offering of securities
Material Fact - Sep/2009 - BB Partnership/BACEN Approval
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Material Fact - Jan/2009 - BB Partnership
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