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Products & Services

You can count on us to make payments to your suppliers safely and conveniently

The service is available to all customers. Access BV’s Internet Banking and see how easy it is to schedule payments, pay collection slips, transfer funds and monitor all transactions safely and conveniently.

Besides, for security, your company can restrict users’ actions and receive alerts via SMS or email whenever a transaction is made.

If your business still doesn’t have access to our Internet Banking, contact your relationship manager.

If you are not yet our customer, contact us.

Check out all the options your company can use:

  1. Collection Slips payments using barcode reader. 
  2. Registration of vendors by file upload.
  3. Electronic transfers (DOC/TED).
  4. Electronic transfers to other accounts at BV bank.
  5. Online queries for all payments scheduled, made, and canceled
  6. Storage of all proofs of transactions for two years.
  7. Sending of receipt via e-mail.
  8. Definition of authority limits and profile for each user.


Operation subject to credit approval and product conditions.

Managing your company’s receivables can be simpler and more automated


With our billing service, your company has the complete solution to control the collections portfolio quickly and safely.


And for even greater convenience, you can perform all the management of receivables over the internet. With just a few clicks, you can send files, command instructions and reissue past due collection slips through Internet Banking.

There are several ways your company can receive payments. Collection slips can be issued and printed through your own ERP system or the system made available by BV bank.

Issued collection slips can be sent through the postal service or by electronic means, such as email or DDA (Authorized Direct Debit).

Through registered billing, you control amounts received before, during and after the due date, allowing you to command instructions for protesting unpaid collection slips and reissue past due collection slips with calculation of updated interest and penalties, for payment throughout the banking network.

If your business still doesn’t have access to our Internet Banking, contact your relationship manager.


Check out other advantages:

Extensive service network

The service network is available nationwide.


You receive the amounts of the debts directly into your company’s checking account.


Guaranteed security in the registration of your outstanding collection slips.

Online management

Possibility of transferring debts between portfolios and total management via Internet Banking and/or remittance/return file.

Reissuance of bills with updated amounts

Your customer can reissue the collection slips through BV bank’s website with updated amounts of interest and penalties.

Competitive rates

We value the quality of service you find here only at BV bank, with attractive rates for your company.

Operation subject to credit approval and product conditions.

Consult all your transactions quickly and efficiently

Checking Account

In addition to consulting all the transactions of your account and all accounts linked thereto at BV bank, through the checking account service you can expedite the reconciliation and management of ALL your financial transactions.


Bank statement - electronic reconciliation

Bank Statement with all the consolidated financial transactions of the checking accounts that the company holds at BV bank.

All statements of company accounts in a single access (receipt of the file), with opening balance and closing balance of the period. Frequency of the issuance of the statements: daily, monthly or on specific occasions.


Febraban 240 and MT940 SWIFT format


Manual download via Internet Banking, integration via VAN and/or via SWIFT.

Operation subject to credit approval and product conditions.

Solution to optimize your company’s flow of incoming and outgoing payments

The Shared Services Center (CSC) is a business solution with proven increase in operational efficiency and reduced costs.

The Shared Services Center gathers business support activities in a modern and sophisticated structure to handle information more efficiently, thereby generating economies of scale. One of the advantages is to transform the management and operation of activities into a strategic function, allowing your organization’s efforts to be directed toward the company’s core business.

Ready to focus on what really matters?

Ready to focus on what really matters?

Then check out our new portfolio of Cash Management products and services.

Accounts receivable and treasury

Sending of a file for registering and handling inconsistencies, clearing of deposits received in checking accounts, bank reconciliation of receipts pending at the bank, and processing of bank statements.

Accounts payable

Sending of payment files to the bank, addressing inconsistencies of rejected payments, and service to suppliers.

Cash Management

Closing of daily cash account with suggestions for cash hedging, control of volume of FIDC (receivables investment funds) operations, and report on changes in financial investments.

Registration center

Call Center

Creating, changing, blocking and unblocking customer and/or vendor files.

Operation subject to credit approval and product conditions.