Este site usa cookies e outras tecnologias semelhantes de acordo com os nossos Termos de Uso e Política de Privacidade, o que pode acarretar no tratamento de dados pessoais. Ao continuar navegando, você declara estar ciente dessas condições.

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The Online Privacy Policy was created to demonstrate the commitment of BV Bank with the security and privacy of information collected from users of our interactive services. Periodic verification of this policy is recommended, which is subject to possible changes.

You can visit the site and know the products and services that are offered, check career opportunities, read reports, obtain news and information, without providing any information about yourself. If you provide any information, this document seeks to clarify how BV Bank collects and handles your individual data.

1. Any information entered by customers will be collected and stored according to strict standards of security and confidentiality.

2. All personal information collected from users will be handled in a safe way using the Internet standard encryption process.

3. The personal information provided by users will be ethical and legal collected and may have one or more purposes, which will be informed to users.

4. Before doing so, BV Bank will inform users about the personal data to be collected and the users have the option of providing or not such information being aware of the consequences of their decision.

5. Unless upon a court order or regulatory requirement, user information will never be transferred to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

6. Access to the information collected is restricted to authorized employees for the proper use of such data. Employees who improperly use such information in violation of this Privacy Policy will be subject to penalties under the Brazilian legislation.

7. We will keep the integrity of the information provided.

8. Our sites contain links to other external websites whose contents and privacy policies are not the responsibility of BV Bank. We do not have access to the information collected by cookies present on the sites targeted by these links.

9. Whenever other organizations are engaged to provide support services, compliance with our privacy standards will be required.

10. In order to conduct credit operations and risk management, we may exchange information about our customers with reputable reference sources and clearing services.

11. For administrative purposes, cookies may be used, and the users may at any time activate mechanisms in their browsers to inform them when they are activated, or even to avoid being activated.

12. We reserve the right to collect and transfer browsing and use information of our sites for analysis through our own and/or third party tools to improve the experience of using our sites.

13. Contact channels with BV Bank are available to our users to solve any doubts, through customer service.

What are cookies?

Cookies are simply bits of information, small files that your computer browser picks up on some sites and stores on your hard drive. Through them it is possible to know the pages you visited, aiming at optimizing navigation.

What are cookies for?

Our cookies do not store or obtain any information (personal or confidential information) contained in your hard drive or email. By using cookies, we can:

• Simplify access to information you want, making navigation easier.

• Hide messages that have already been shown. For example, to access a publication whose content is exclusive to customers of BV Bank, you are asked to be identified. Such identification is recorded in a cookie that is generated in your computer. Thus, in the next access, identification is no longer required.

• Customize pages according to your preference. If you want to be informed when a cookie is being installed or prevent its installation, you have some features available in your browser. However, be aware that you will lose the benefits described above and that the changes will be valid for any website.