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The Credit Information System (SCR) of the Brazilian Central Bank (BACEN) is the system used to record and consult information on the sum of loan operations and liabilities for guarantees contracted by individuals and legal entities with financial institutions in the country.

Financial institutions must send the amount of any loan operations, either on time or past due, to BACEN. You, the customer, by issuing the CCB (Bank Credit Certificate) of your financing or loan, formalize your lease agreement, or, upon unblocking your credit card, authorize BV to consult and provide the SCR with information on its loan operations.


Used by financial institutions, with the specific authorization of its customers, the SCR assesses the consumers' payment ability and, thus, charges lower interest rates on transactions that offer lower credit risk. The goal is to protect the funds deposited by citizens in financial institutions.

The information contained in the SCR is not restrictive, and therefore does not constitute an impediment for the customer to request the granting of new transactions with financial institutions.


To access any personal information, please visit BACEN website and, if you need further details, look for one of the BACEN Public Assistance Centers, with personal documents.

Individuals or legal entities with data included in the SCR can consult information on the amount of their own debt with financial institutions in the last 13 months broken down by creditor. For the same period, provided that they have specific authorization, financial institutions may consult the information without discrimination of creditors.

Only the Central Bank, Financial Institutions and yourself have access to information.