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Banco Votorantim is committed to investing in technology and resources to take care of the security of its customers, but your security also depends on you.

If you notice any irregularities, detect any message or suspicious behavior, please contact us by phone (+0800 728 0083) or by email

Check below our safety recommendations and know the preventive measures that should be adopted to use the Internet for queries or financial transactions:
Spoof emails

Banco Votorantim does not send billing emails with payment slips to its customers. If you receive any e-mail on behalf of Banco Votorantim with a payment slip or attached document without your previous request, please disregard the message immediately.
Precautions you should take for your computer

• Install the anti-virus, firewall and antispyware software on your computer and keep them always up-to-date. Run the antivirus on the files you download from the Internet, or that you receive by email.
• Always use the most up-to-date versions of browsers, since they generally offer better security mechanisms.
• Do not use illegal or unknown programs
Use the Internet safely

• Do not run applications or open files of unknown origin. They can contain viruses, Trojan horses and other harmful applications, which although hidden to the user, allow the action of scammers on your account, based on information captured after keyboard typing.
• Use only trusted providers. Choosing a provider should also take into account its mechanisms, security policies, and company reliability.
• Avoid browsing risky websites and only download content (transfer files to your computer) from trusted sites.
• Beware of unsolicited or unknown email, especially if they have attached files and suspicious hyperlinks. It is safer to "delete" unsolicited emails which you are not absolutely sure that they come from a trusted source.
• Never provide personal data by email or access hyperlinks such as inquiries, debits, credits and messages containing pictures.
• Be especially careful with files and Internet addresses obtained in chat rooms. Some of these chats are frequented by hackers.
Use Votorantim Internet Banking safely

• Only use equipment that is actually reliable. Avoid accessing your account from public places, such as Lan Houses or Internet cafes. They may contain outdated anti-virus and virus ready to capture your data.
• Track the records in your checking account. If you find any irregularity, please immediately contact Banco Votorantim by the telephone +0800 772 8086 or by e-mail
• If you are in doubt regarding the safety of any procedure you have performed, please contact Banco Votorantim. Prevention is the best form of security.
• The Security Device is requested only in Votorantim Internet Banking.
• Never provide more than one Security Device code in the same transaction.
• Banco Votorantim does not request a registration update by email or through its Internet Banking.

• Change your Internet Banking password periodically.
• The password for accessing Internet Banking is for personal use, but never use numbers that have any relation to you, such as dates of birth, phone numbers, identity document, residence or sequential numbers.
• Avoid writing down your password. It is safer to memorize it.
• Never disclose your password to third parties.
• No employee of Banco Votorantim is authorized to request your password or Security Device code. Do not provide your password under any circumstances.